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To review, the basic rule for forming Dharma Karma Adhipati Yoga is that 1 a kendra lord must combine with a trikona lord, while 2 these lords cannot be one and the same planet. Aside from the above, the only other restriction is astronomical reality. To form yoga with it, the Sun must be associated with Saturn or opposed it — in the same or opposite sign, allowing just two signs out of a possible And if they own the requisite houses, they will form yoga.

The same rule applies to most other pairs. Among these latter three, however, their relative freedom of movement among themselves is tied to an astronomical reality. Even if Mercury is 28 degrees on one side of the Sun, and Venus 48 degrees on the other, those two inferior planets can never be more than 76 degrees apart.

So if we took Venus as being the stationary point, that means Mercury could be 76 degrees earlier in the zodiac, or 76 degrees later. So if Venus was in early Aries, Mercury could be back in mid-Capricorn. Or if Venus was in late Aries, Mercury could be ahead in mid-Cancer. When we crunch through all these numbers, using logic as a guide and a spreadsheet as a calculator, we get a hierarchy of ascendants. The ones at the top have the greatest odds of their planets forming raja yoga, the ones at the bottom have the least. When we examine these results, we see four tiers of potential:.

As we look back on this, consider the initial premise of the raja yoga — a person with a good heart dharma and a steady hand karma. We can see in these four tiers a hierarchy of control. Aries and Scorpio share a 10th-house capacity at the zenith of the chart. Taurus and Aquarius have a 9th house capacity, descending from the zenith. Leo and Cancer have a mixed influence of 9th and 5th houses, dipping across the horizon from one dharma house to another. Libra and Capricorn share a 5th-house theme, now well below the horizon.

Parivartana Yoga is a reference text for one of the most common yet powerful planetary combinations in jyotish. Mutual Reception is an expanded companion volume for western practitioners, covering the same subject of planetary exchange through the lens of traditional astrology. Quote of the Day Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt. Follow Alan on :.

Aries and Scorpio have the greatest potential to form raja yoga. Coincidentally, Mars gains dig bala in the 10th house, and is a kshatriya planet with a natural disposition for command and control. And the 10th house is the primary house of karma. Tier 2 entails Taurus and Aquarius. Each has a yogakaraka , Saturn and Venus, respectively, acting as 9th lord. The 9th house is the primary house of dharma. Tier 3 involves Leo, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, all hovering just a little above average chance of forming raja yoga. For Leo and Cancer rising, Mars is the yogakaraka — owning the 9th and 5th houses, respectively.

For Libra and Capricorn, their respective yogarakaras , Saturn and Venus, both own the 5th house. AK Saturn in the navamsa of Virgo possibly confirms this. Both in rasi and navamsa saturn and mars aspect the ascendant by graha drishti. This can cause a fragility in the body.

But with ascendant ruler well placed in both rasi and navamsa, there is a great deal of actual resilience. Possibly operations cannot be avoided. Saturn in Gemini when it is aspecting Pisces is a time to be careful, especially when mars also aspects the ascendant. But mars is also the 9th lord, so there is also protection from it. There is also problems due to children or followers as 5th lord is in the 12th, 3rd, 6th and 8th lords are joined in the 5th.

But the aspect of Jupiter in the 5th, give good personal decisions that resolve this. Mercury dasa is running at the moment. This could involve intermittent digestiv troubles. It could be a time of some scandal due to followers, children etc. Or with the aspect between the 7th lord and the 5th in the 6th 12th axis, it could be a problem with a relationship. As both mercury and moon and 4th ruler are involved, it does not promise well for peace and happiness. When saturn moves into gemini, it will stop aspecting the 5th lord moon and start aspecting the 7th lord mercury.

And it will be in the 4th house. A time to be fairly careful, but all this assumes someone just going with the flow, rather than taking their own stand in life. This could indicate that he is spiritually evolved which is supported by exalted Ketu in lagna. Atmakaraka is in house ten in rashi. William is destined to be a public person and he will have to share the sorrow of many others Saturn is AK. In navamsha, Saturn is in house 3: William is rich and he will have many powerful friends. The same thing is confirmed in the rashi: Lagnalord Jupiter in house eleven is excellent for material gains and associating with rich and educated people.

These get rashi drishti from Saturn and Mars and grahadrishti from Jupiter: There will be gains from many sources, particularly from father because Pitrukaraka Rahu is the strongest of the combo in house eleven from AL. This chart has many maha yogadas: ketu, Rahu, Moon, Sun, Mars and Saturn - all have sambandha by conjunction or rashi aspect with Gl, Hl and lagna.

William will enjoy wealth and fame throughout his life. All of this shows powerful potential for Rajayoga. But when will it be initiated and can it be. Both Sun and Moon are eclipsed by Rahu and get Saturns malefic aspect. Moon is weak in paksha bala. Probably the dhanayoga aspect of this chart will come out much more prominently than the aspect of raja yoga or political achievement. It is interesting that the pitrukaraka Rahu is eclipsing Williams Moon and Sun.

Prince Charles will probably try to control Prince Williams affairs, including his marriage. Here the father clearly plays a very prominent role in shaping the course of Williams life. William will be mostly obedient to his father Moon and Venus in house 9 in navamsha. He will be engaged in political and royal assigmnents sun and Venus influence svamsha. He may be less of a philosopher than his father Jupiter does not influence svamsha but may have more technical knowledge or skills than Charles combined influence of Saturn, Mars and Ketu on Svamsha.

He will be an accomplished speaker Merkury and Mars in Lagnamsa and, like his father may take interest in architecture. Early death and suffering of the mother can easily be seen as the weak Moon which is also chara Matri karaka is under heavy affliction. Moons association with Rahu shows Dianas mental and emotional problems. His placement in house nine in NA show her goodhearted and charitable nature which William inherited.

Prince Williams tenth house is mixed. Saturn and 12 th Lord Mars may at one point tarnish his excellent reputation. Probably he will continue the tradition of his parents and may get entangled in one or two scandalous affairs Ul in house 8, afflicted 7th house. M uncorrected. The chart is attached as a text file Guru is the atmakaraka and he is in Simha navamsa.

The 12th from it is tenanted by Budha and Chandra in kataka. So my Ishta Devatha is Lord Krishna. Chandra also represents Gauri and I do have an affinity to Gauri. Cancer is aspected by Sani from Capricorn by Griha Drishti. I also desire to pray to Narayana Sani in the 4 handed form as. In Rasi, the Atmakaraka and Ishta Devatha who form the lords of quadrants for Kanya lagna are conjunct in the 9th house.

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Thus, the basis pillar or quadrants of my life is to please my Ishta Devatha by Dharmic 9th house means. This means that I have to do my Dharma by constructing temples or such like for the Lord 4th , by preaching about HIM to people 7th , by offering the fruits of my action to HIM 10th and engaging my body in his service 1st. Thus , my advisors , friends, intellectuals Budha - amatyakarak and the people I interact with daily Darakarak will lead me to worship my IshtaDevatha.

This is indeed true. My mother chandra - naisargika matru karak used to take me to Bhagavatha Parayana talks when I was young and my interest and love for Krishna was initially kindled by the Bhagavatha amatyakarak with Guru in rasi means that Gurus will be my advisors. Further, the IshtaDevatha planet being the lord of the Lagna and conjoining the Atmakarak means that my Atma will be guided by my Ishta devatha and for my progress of my soul, I have to listen to the voice of my soul. Whenever, I have not listened to the voice of my soul, I have suffered. Thus, i started chanting the mantra of my Ishta Devatha in the MahaDasa of the sign in which the ishtadevata is placed in Navamsa and the antara of the karakamsa.

I don't know Narayana Dasa scheme. But, just on observing the output of the JHL 4 software, i saw the above coincidence. Guru being atmakarak means that I have to respect my teachers. This was the antara of the atmakarak and this event really pained me. If I had known these concepts then, I should have taken extra efforts to respect my teachers. Also, I was learning the Vedas from one Brahmin and astrology from an astrologer of repute in from Jan to June.

But, I got an admit from an university in U. S and without paying them any respects or telling them about my leaving India, I left for U.

Again, I had showed disrespects to my teachers even though I hold them in high esteem from the bottom of my heart. This could also mean that I have a habit of doing so from my previous births. I have had 3. Sometime ago, when I glanced through Prasna Marga, I read that epileptic attacks are caused due to causing anguish to the Guru in a previous birth. So, I have to make extra efforts to please my Guru.

An intersting feature of the Chart is the Kalasarpa Yoga in the house and the most difficult period of my life was in Sani Dasa Rahu Bhukthi and Budha dasa kethu bhukthi Vimsottari. I was led to my Ishta devatha in Rahu Bhukthi of Sani mahadasa. But, my interest in spirituality and the occult started in August November when I was under Sani Dasa Chandra Bhukthi Sani- Chandra combination in 11th gives inclination to spirituality and Rahu Antara. Atmakaraka is Sa retrograde. Will have to share sorrow of many others. World War and India's Independence Struggle. Cap to Aqua. House that will dominate is 3rd Creativity, Writing.

His followers lived in poverty with him during hard times and his ashram was a brotherhood of people. Mo is also in exchange and represents Mother. Navamsa Lagna in Aqua which was heavily aspected in Rasi. House of Occult and Organizations.

Raja Yoga and other Yogas in Astrology

Sun is exalted in Aries in this chart. Su rules 2nd house of poetry in Rasi. Combo of Political and Spiritual activist. This combo occurs in 4. Auroville was his Spiritual home and one he created for others to share. Moon is Karaka of 4th and is in an exchange with Ju in Rasi. Nodes intoxicate the planets they combine with, this particular combo produces highly spiritual people or criminals.

He talks about a "new evolution" in his writings. Ke Me and Sa are together in Scopio. Ke like Scorpio, Me promotes writing, speeches and marketing and Sa keeps focus serious. Deb in Cancer in Rasi but in Leo in Navamsa - passionate and firey about his cause and his connection with others, but difficult for personal relationships. This may have been the time he was imprisoned during which time he changed his focus from radical to spiritual. This may have also been an important time.

His books were written in four years and then he stopped writing. I do not know how to pinpoint this in his Dasas. Savitar is the Sun God indicating Creativity, transformation and achieving goals, Sun promotes life.

The significance of Kendra Trikona Raj Yoga

Sun is well placed in the chart in 2 in Leo its own sign. It is also the center of our known Universe. Legend of Savitri is about a princess whose undying love for Satyavan, a penniless prince who was doomed to die in one year saved him from Yama the God of Death. I have read that Ghose's father wanted to deracinate him and make him English and alienate him from Indian culture.

Not much is said about his mother. Ma aspects the 4th and 12th from 4th is aspected by Sa and 8th from 4th has Ra. I feel his mother was either lost in childhood, of weak character or unable to provide the nuturing he needed. Mo is in 6th. With this nurturing gap he idolizes women as Goddesses as he does in his poem. Later he has a Spiritual Partnership with The Mother Mira Richards of Auroville fame and he also uses his poem to describe her and his meeting with her.

Mo is in mutual exchange with Ju and acts as though in its own sign in the 6th. Can indicate suffering with biological mother but great power with Spiritual Mother. Within 11 degrees of Sun - is he Combust even if Sun is in other sign? Ma is YK, debilitated in Cancer and in Trikona. Accounts for his earlier political activism during struggle for India's independence. Ve is exempt from the negative effects of combustion. Promotes the arts and in this case his poetry and other writings.

Ve is Ishadeva. Me gives good intellect and verbal skill. Su gives recognition by people and gov. Sun represents fire and he says fire is "aspiration and the inner flame of the heart". Sun combust Ve gives a regular and charmless married life. I did not find any references to marriage and I am guessing he was married to Spirituality and his Spiritual partner The Mother Auroville. He believed that suffering is the soul's training and I think this is also a reference to his relationship with his own mother with Mo in 6th in an enemy sign.

Sa is retrograde, in an enemy sign in the 6th. Possible connection with writings that were revolutionary against the British enemy. Sa effect giving the seriousness and the hardwork this. These also contributed to his arrest his enemies overcoming him. However protection of the Moon indirectly. Although an enemy of Sa, his imprisonment motivated him to turn to spiritual work and strategies against the British. Mo Ju exchange - Mo acts as though it is in own house. Problems in family home. He was sent to England to be educated. Gap in nuturing from mother. He filled this with association with spiritual Mother Mira and also worship of the Divine Mother.

Auroville was his home away from home. Ju also aspects - fame and also for the good of others and the nation. Ke retro and moving forward and also in its favorite sign Sco. Spirituality and spiritual writings but also loss. He was imprisoned. Me gives intellectual energy to Ke. Mo is in exchange with Ju so acts as though it is in its own sign. It is PK. I think this refers to his followers who gave him strength and support in the face of his enemies. AK - Sa malefic in an improving house and malefics do well in dusthanas. This is the main focus of his life.

Spirituality and also dealing with and forming organizations. Very strong spiritual emphasis. Pisces is good for spiritual work. Although his fathers influence and efforts to Anglosize him were initially strong it eventually motivated him to represent India politically and spiritually. Ghose believed in Down to Earth Divinity - he wanted to be involved in "divin man-making". He was anti world renunciation and negation of physical existence, he believed in the descent of Divine Force and Consciousness into both the individual and universal processes of nature and history.

Sent Overseas at a young age - effect of Sa sending him away from home. D20 Scorpio is loaded. Mo, Sa retro, Ra retro, Ke retro. Nodes in retro have more energy and power as they are moving forward. Ke is exalted. Mo is Dik Bala but debilitated, good for serving others.

Ke is vargotamma with Rasi. Ve diety is Lakshmi. AMK is Me Others spreading his word. BK is Jupiter in exchange with Moon. Fathers tyranny inspired him to be a spirtual revolutionary. Guru is Shiva. PK is Mo in exchange with Mo - his followers can be seen as his children. GK is Ma - His activism motivated him and also landed him in jail where he became interested in Spirituality which led to Auroville. Nakshatras Ascendant and Ju in Ashlesha. Very sharp mind and well able to defend himself from enemies in an intellectual and spiritual way.

Ghandhi has Mo in Ashlesha. Su and Ve in Magha. Power to be a leader and to leave the body. Mo in Moola - Root star, foundation star. Fight the West with Eastern Methods not Western. When I was younger I visited Pondicherry which is a beautiful place. I do not remember going into the Ashram.

My mother saw The Mother Mira and noticed a blue light around her head. My Mom thought everyone else was seeing it too but they were not. Later she was told she had seen the Mother's Aura. My Mom's Yoga teacher told her she could take the higher Hatha Yoga class but she was afraid. She has also seen ghosts. I hope that I have inherited some of her intuitive and spiritual ability. I was very puzzled and sad to read that Aurobindo declined to meet with Ghandiji. How could anyone refuse to meet with such a great soul?

I apologise if I have not answered the question directly. I hope some of it is relevant. RASI This chart is very strong with many rajayogas giving testament to his stature. Bheri yoga surrounds his Mahapurusa ascendant. All quadrants are occupied, by every benefic as well. AK Moon is involved in gajakesari. Putrakaraka and 5 th lord joins atmakaraka Moon in his own sign giving rise to a Maharaja yoga in the Arudha lagna and 10th house, showing his great fame and actions that effect the karma of so many.

Moon in swakshetra indicates his popularity to the masses, and his followers of all backgrounds through Rahu. In AL this shows him as a person who has compassion for all people of the world. Ahimsa is shown through this universal love. From AL Sun is in the 3rd which gives his fighting spirit, but in a non-violent, dharmic way.

Sun here is in Virgo in the 12 th indicating worship of Rama, who became his guide in this battle. The Mantra of Rama is denoted by Suns rasi aspect on the mantrapada. This sun gives unobstructed vipareeta argala on the AL, showing that this worship is spread to the masses. Rahu in the 10th in Rasi gives his antigovernmental and societal inclinations. This is compounded many times as Moon-Rahu combination is shakti yoga. It shows the great energy that Gandhi has harnessed through the blessings of Shri to wreak havoc on the balance of British order in India through the simple act of self starvation.

This yoga was activated during Rahu dasa, which resulted in many ploys Rahu to break the British rule. Of course this yoga was not harmful for India due to its placement in the sign of God Cancer. Intense devotion to him arises through the placement of these planets in the navamsa lagna, as well as Mercury in the Rasi lagna.

Saturn owns the 4 th and 5th houses of the rasi chart showing that his devotion to God is strengthened through his experiences with the masses and his followers. Mercury rises with Venus in the 5th giving the extensive writing abilities. Mars in the 5th shows the study of law. His extreme tenacity and discipline is shown through the positioning of Saturn in Navamsa lagna in earthy Capricorn. Venus aspects contributing to his discipline in regards to his patriotism.

Moon in the 6th from AL matches the AL in the rasi chart to show Ahimsa for the benefit of the general public. This position is also repeated in Dasamsa chart. Jupiter in the 3rd contributes, while forming gajakesari again as well as aspecting, showing the incredible fame that has accrued through ahimsa. Marriage was during Pisces Navamsa Narayana dasa. Pisces aspects the UL from the 7th and holds the 7th lord Moon, and is aspected by lord Jupiter. However both A7 and UL are placed in dwirdwadasa position from AL showing his rejection of his spouse.

This is confirmed by Ketu aspecting his 2nd house showing his eventual disinterest in sexual matters. Rahu forms a bandhana yoga with Ketu along the political axis showing his many imprisonments for antigovernmental actions. Rahu opposes in the 7th house. In short all planets directly affect Dasamsa lagna showing his enormous sway on all people, while creating a most powerful rajayoga. The rising sign is also the 4th from AL showing the masses. Mars in the 6th artha trikona shows his intial law career, and then neechabhanga Sun in the 10th his final career and actions in politics.

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As it is placed in AL this is finally what he became known for. Karma is ultimately controlled by Rama in his case. Mercury and Jupiter in the ascendant shows the extent of his writing abilities. Vargottama Ketu rises in Capricorn with Saturn, aspected by Venus showing his incredible Tapasya in regards to establishing the correct political environment for India. The association of Jupiter and Mercury speak volumes of his Sattvic desires to establish right rule in his homeland. This combination in Capricorn is noted by Bhrigu as one of an extremely spiritual nature, and as there is 4 planets in a kendra, there is also a pravrajya yoga, which has caused Gandhi to give up his life in order to fulfil this political mission.

Venus placed in the. I opted to move the birth time back about 11 minutes so the Moon moves back to the holy sign of Pisces and also becomes the Atmakaraka. With the Moon as the AK the desire for rebirth could be out of compassion and caring and being placed in the 7 th house with Jupiter and Saturn creates a host of wonderful yogas befitting a messenger of God. As written by Kepler, this conjunction only every Jupiter is in its own house in a quadrant forms a Hamsa yoga meaning that the native will be a great man of ethery nature having spiritual strength and purity, respected by all.

Jupiter with the Moon forms a Gajakesari yoga meaning that the native will be intelligent, famous, and intelligent, has great character and liked by kings. Looking to navamsa, fixing the navamsa is a more difficult task for me at least. These are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. Aries is out because that would put Rahu in the 9th house producing unrighteousness. Pisces as the navamsa lagna with AK would fit nicely indicating a religious, righteous individual who will get final emancipation and Ketu in the 4 th house would also grant emancipation.

After Jesus Resurrection after some time he ascended into heaven what Christians call the Transfiguration. The sun in swamsa gives royal assignments, and people would give him honor with qualities of leadership. AK in the navamsa lagna would indicate the native is of noble birth and lineage. If we use Aquarius navamsa, then mars would give skill with weapons and Venus would give a passionate person or a government or political official. The karakamsa in the second house means that the native shall be very spiritual and a great saint.

So this one could be considered also but to a lesser degree in my opinion, for what its worth. The AK is in the 3rd house; the native shall be rich and successful in many undertakings and a friend to many powerful people. But at the same time it places Rahu in the 12 th, which could indicate unlawful and bad activities so this may not be a good choice. I would think that it is important to consider Jesus ability to heal the sick and raise the dead. Im guessing that we should see malefics in trine to the AK aspected by a benefit giving special abilities used for a good purpose.

With the Aquarius lagna we has 3 malefics Mars, Ketu, and Mercury in trine. I would like to see malefics in trine to AK aspected by benefics to explain his ability to heal and do miracles. I was taught that Christians worship on Sunday because that is the day of Christs resurrection. From an astrologically point of view on this chart. I dont see a connection with the Sun in the chart I presented.

So perhaps I should reconsider the another chart. I do agree that Jews worshipping on Saturday makes sense. Jews worship from Friday evening to Saturday evening and they dont worship the Divine. Mother so Venus doesnt makes sense but Saturn does. Jews worship God in a completely formless and attributless way so worshipping God as Brahma-the Creator or Narayana makes sense. If we take Venus as the karakamsa. As in the chart Sanjay presented, then Saturn represents the ista. Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit Matt 1. So yes, Jesus worshipped God as the Holy Spirit. So the Sun has to be in the 12th from the karakamsa.

Using the chart I presented above, with the Moon as the AK would put Mars in the 12th in a male sign representing Kartikeya, Skanda or the like. This just doesnt fit. So the next question was what is the Hindu equivalent of the Holy Spirit? Christian, like Hindu have the concept of the Holy Trinity, the Trimurti. Hindus have Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. So is the Holy Spirit like Shiva? Some authors write that the Christian concept of Holy Spirit is similar to the Hindu concept of Kundalini, in the indwelling Divinity- Shaki the consort of Shiva who is represented by the Sun.

But the problem I am having now is not being able to find a chart that has the Sun in the 12th to the karkamsa using this data. I do fear that I will fall to far behind if I keeo working on this chart, so I' like to complete the rest of the lesson and come back to this. I am just submitting this now so you will know that I have been diligently try to complete this chart. Using the birth data given by Sanjay: 7 BC pm Bethlehem and Narasimhas new software I cast the attached chart differing only that the Moon was with Rahu in 8th house forming a Chandra-chandala yoga and Venus was the AK.

Venus placed in the 3rd house would only accentuate this issue. Jupiter with the Moon forms a Gajakesari yoga meaning. After Jesus Resurrection after some time he ascended into heaven what Christian s call the Transfiguration. Jews worship from Friday evening to Saturday evening and they dont worship the Divine Mother so Venus doesnt makes sense but Saturn does. Using the chart I presented above, with the Moon as the AK would put Mars in the 12 th in a male sign representing Kartikeya, Skanda or the like.

Jupiter is the 5th lord and hence should be beneficial for you. However it is placed in the Marana Karaka sthana i. Rahu is placed in the 7th. Malefic in the 7th is not a very good thing. Moreover Rahu is pretty strong placed in its own house. This also aspect the Sun, who is placed in the maranakara sthana in the 12th.

Rahu also aspect the Jupiter by the Rasi drishti. Strenthening Rahu will affect your health, intelligence and also dharma. So wearing Hessonite Gomedh is not advisable to you. What remain is worship Shiva as Jupiter aspect the Lagna is the only hope. Jupiter will take out Sun from the blemish of direct drishti of Rahu on the Sun in the 12 th. The following is the analysis of my own Atmakaraka Mars is the Atmakaraka, and being a malefic, he indicates a high level of spiritual development.

He is in the 6th house-Taurus- from Lagna Sagittarius in D1. A strong Mars in the 6th house is supposed to be an asset in any horoscope, according to Dr. In D9, Jupiter, the 2 nd and. As both in D1 and D9, 5th lord is in 6th, I am worried about my kids. Any mantra to be chanted? I am blessed with robust health. Ofcourse, Mars did bring surgery during childbirth and both sons are born during Mars-Rahu and Rahu-Rahu.

हरे राम कृष्ण

Rahu is Putrakaraka. In Navamsa, Mars is the lagnamsa lord and is placed in the 10th house digbala with vargottama Sun in Leo - Atmakaraka with Pitrukaraka. Mars also aspects lagnamsa and 5th house. The mokshasthana is Mars house and being aspected by the owner, becomes especially strong. Kemadruma yoga is broken by Venus in the 10 th house. Saturn, the 2nd and 3rd lord, is retrograde and indicates unfinished jobs from previous birth.

Rajalakshana yoga all the benefics in the forefront is present as Jupiter, Moon, Venus are in kendras, with only Mercury in the 9 th house. The 3rd house is occupied by Ketu, which is bad for sibl ings and accordingly, I dont have any siblings. Ketu in a malefic house is good for courage and fosters original thought in the 3rd house.

Hes in Saturns house and is aspected by Saturn, showing Tapaswi yoga. Saturn is also in mutual aspect with Venus Rasi rishti. Usually such a situation is bad for ones father, but because the Sun strong in his Moola trikona arc, thankfully my father is 85, going strong. Venus is the prime malefic for Dhanus, being the lord of 6 th and 11th houses, is debilitated but has neechabhanga in the 10th house virgo , the house of mercury, whos yogakaraka for dhanus and is exalted in navamsa.

Venus gives 1 Subhavesi 2 Amala and 3 Bheri yoga. Mars, the AK is also in Venuss house. Venus is in the 4 th house in Navamsa, a kendra with digbala, and is in parivartana with Rahu. Venus is a major planet in my horoscope. Does this give lots of enemies, debts and gains too? I really dont have serious enemies and debts. So, is it the dominating effect of AK? Or Libra being the Moolatrikona of Venus, mostly 11th house effects are felt? But Jupiter and ketu are exempt from Venuss sway, being in each others nakshatras, and giving me hope for moksha.

A single Jupiter in lagna can offset all the evils in the horoscope, says Parasara. In my chart, Jupiter takes care of virtually all houses as all the planets in the chart are linked to Jupiter, either by conjunction, aspect, or neechabhanga. Sun, vargottama in Leo, is the Dharmadhipati and Karmadhipati also. In accordance with profession indicated by Lagna lord Jupiter strongest in the chart , I am employed in the management cadre in a bank. Mars, the AK alone is not aspected by any planet, either benefic or malefic.

But he in turn aspects 9th house, 1st house and 12th house showing his main concerns in life. Out of 9 planets, 6 and lagna are in dharma trikona, and with Mars as AK, Jupiter as lagna lord, and a powerful Sun perhaps give me that fiery, uncompromising streak. But I remember, Ahimsa is my mantra. In D1, 2 nd lord aspects 11th lord too. Karakamsa is Leo and 12th from it is Cancer, the house of Lalitha Tripura Sundari, the Adishakti and my Ishtadevata, where my lagna lord Jupiter Shiva finds exaltation. Shes is extolled as Hamsa mantraadhi devata.

As Sanjayji explained previously, Gajakesari brought me Mother at 16 years Jupiters maturity and Chandra dasa initiation. I think its the best yoga in my horoscope. Can there be greater Rajayoga than being with Mother? I started wearing a Pushyarag on my right index finger around , during Chandra-Guru, as per the advice given by one astrologer.

Rahus placement in the 12 house is good for spirituality. I am including Ketu in 1 st house, though he's in 3rd,because that's his exaltation and he's in Jupiter's constellation. What remedy would you recommend for the native to reduce the suffering and obstacles in life? Ista Devata is indicated by Mercury. Mercury is at 13 degree and indicate Krishna as Ista Devata. Atmakaraka Saturn is in his own sign in Rasi and in Virgo in Navamsha which are both good position for Saturn. I suppose that there will not be so many problems for the person, especially because Jupiter is in the lagna in his own house Pisces.

If any problem come to the person that problem will be alleviated by the benefic influence of Jupiter in lagna. Mercury is Gnati karaka and it indicates relatives. So, person will probably be taken to Ista Devata by some relative. Saturn is in the 11th house in Navamsa - 3 houses to Navamsa lagna. Significator for 3rd house is Mars which can indicate younger brother. For reducing the sufferings and obstacles native can worship Ista Devata - Sri Krishna and serve and please his relatives and younger brother.

Sri Aurobindo Ghose 15 Aug, at about 1 ghati i. Explain the reason behind his great work Savitri Savitur and the interpretation of the Rig Veda. Mercury is not combusted because he is more than 20 degrees apart from Sun. Rather they form nice Budh Aditya yoga which will give good intelligence. Venus is little bit closer to the Sun 8 degree and it will get lightly combusted. Sun is exalted in Navamsa and has an aspect on Mercury Atmakaraka. Savitur is a name for Sun. This is the reason that inspired Sri Aurobindo to make his work.

Mercury in the 10th house together with Ketu and Saturn retrograde and under the aspect of Jupiter although debilitated and in the 12th house and Sun can show the dedication to the interpretation of old occult or religious texts Saturn and Ketu. This has been the life mission of this person. Why, 12th day means the 12th day from the signt of the crescent Moon Is this dwiteeya and not pratipada? AK is Sun. Muslims worship on Fridays.

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Father died before his birth 2. Mother died in his sixth year 3. I think marriage was with his emplyer who was a widow. When Muhammad reached the age of 40, the angel Gabriel guided him with revelations that established his prophethood. See his Karakamsa Nobody was attached to his body, they were guided by his spirit. Anyway, study this chart carefully. AK must have been in Gemini or Sagitarious in D So, AK must be in Gemini. AK must have been in 2,4,10 or 11 from Lagna in D-9 6 is ruled out as his health was good, 1.

If Navamsa Lagna Lord conjoins AK, then the native, although of humble origin shall rise to a high rank equal toa king. The natural karaka of 1st house Sun should be strong to indicate the extent of Rajyoga. If AK is in 2nd house, the native shall be very spiritual and a great saint. If saturn is strong, the renunciation shall be complete whereas if Venus is strong the native shall perform severe austerities.

If AK is in 3rd house, the native shall be rich and successful in many undertakings. He shall be a freind of many powerful people. If AK is in 4th house the native shall be a Karma Yogi. If AK is in 5th house the native is Dharma Parayana i. If AK is in 6th house, the native is diseased and troubled. If AK is in seventh house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and many joys.

If AK is in 8th house, the native has many troubles and weaknesses. He is defeated in war. If AK is in 9th house, the native is a very pious person and is wealthy and fortunate. If AK is in 10th house, the native is blessed with a clean heart and good home. He shall be a a pillar for his family and mother.

If AK is in 11th house, the native shall be brave, successful in war and capable of executing any task. If AK is in 12th house the native is very rich and blessed by Lakshmi. By birth, he is not rich, so, 1, 3, 9, 12 are ruled out. He lost his father, so, could not have his father's blessings his teaching are self and he did not have any guru. So, 5 is ruled out. He is healthy. So, 6 is ruled out. His marriage did not benefit him much. So, 7 not likely. He did not have any weaknesses. So, 8 is ruled out. So, AK must have been in 2, 4, 10 or 11 from Lagna in D Study the chart of atleast one member of any royal family to bring out the Rajyoga due to birth.

He was renowned for two things 1 his wealth at one time he was reported to be the richest man in the world, and 2 his harem he is rumoured to have more than wives. Here is my attempt: This is a LI lagna chart has several pecularities. In Rasi chart, Conj. In itself, the conj. AK VE conj. No wonder this native was the ruler of the largest princely state in preindependence Inda, for 37 long years. Here are the answers on next question from the lesson. At the first sight it can be seen that the 12th house containing AK and Sun is surrounded by two malefics - Mars in lagna and debilitated Saturn in 11th house.

Next thing - Rahu and Sun are in close conjunction.

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  • Mars in lagna in Gemini enemy sign will surely give some sort of aggression or passion. Mars will give mixed results because he is under aspect of exalted Venus which is forming Malavya yoga in 10th house and Jupiter and Moon. Native will have very much good influence and pious activities in this life, intelligence and skills and he will be quite a pious and good hearted person Venus, Jupiter and Moon very good posited. But because of all above mentioned afflictions he will have some problems with aggression, uncontrolled temperament and will easily loose his intelligence under the influence of illusion Rahu in conjunction with Sun and lagna lord Mercury retrograde in 12th house.

    In the Navamsa chart Rahu is again with Sun. Ista Devata is indicated by Venus Lakshmi devi which is favorably positioned in lagna. So, Venus will surely give serious religiosity to this person. But other factors will also prevail and in certain time will give destructive temperament. Please accept my apology for the delay in sending this on time.

    I am attempting question 6 and I will attempt other questions later. This is my first ever attempt to do a lesson and I hope I am doing it properly. Any advice and guidance from Gurus and other learned members would be graciously received. Ista Devata is seen from Atmakarka, which is the planet with the highest degree. The Navamsa sign occupied by Atmakarka gives us the clue about desire of the Atma and the nature of the Atmakarka gives us vital information about the nature of Atma and its spiritual development. Question: - Examine your own horoscope and determine your Ista Devata.

    Nakshatra balance: 0. My Atmakarka is Jupiter. Jupiter as AK indicates that the native should always respect Guru and care for children. I have always respected my teachers and taken good care of my children. In Navamsa my AK is in Aquarius sign and counting the number of signs from AK to Navamsa Lagna comes to 4, which indicates that my 4 th house results shall predominate. AK in the 4th house indicates that the native shall be a Karma Yogi. I do not know much about Karma Yogi but I have always tried to do things, which I thought were right, sincerely and honestly without any expectations or rewards and with the grace of God I have always felt happy inside, even during difficult times.

    Ista Devata is seen from the 12th house from the karakamsa the sign occupied by AK in Navamsa chart. In my navamsa chart the sign occupied by my AK Jupiter is Aquarius, so Aquarius is my karkamsa and the 12 th house from this sign is Capricorn. As no planet occupies this sign the lord of the sign, Saturn is my Ista and Narayana is my Ista Devata.

    The Karka indicated by the Ista Devata planet Saturn is Putrakarka PK , which indicates that my children, subordinates or followers will lead me to my Ista Devata and I should have excellent relations with them. My AK Jupiter is debilitated both in rasi and navamsa charts, I do not know how it has affected me in the past and how it is going to affect me in future. My Ista Devata planet, Saturn, is yogakarka in both rasi and navamsa charts.

    It is also mooltrikona in both charts and it is vargottam. I do not know the effects of this and would appreciate your kind guidance on these. Question 1. Retrograde Saturn is the Atmakaraka, which is a natural malefic. As the AK is retrograde, it indicates a deep-rooted desire for its rebirth, carrying an unfinished agenda from past life. Knowledge in occult, as 4 th from 8th , is one of the key areas of interest.

    Since, Ista devata helped in bringing the soul to its present incarnation and the soul knows it , the native needs to pray to Ista devata for its continued benevolence in fulfilling the desires and to make the soul content. In the natives Navam sa, Karakmsa is Virgo and Mercury alone is placed in 12 th from it. Worship of Lord Sri Krishna is recommended for the native. Mercury is the Gnati Karaka for the native, so the natives cousins would have led him to the Ista Devata.

    As Mercury is lord of 8th house from Lagnamsa, the native is indebted to Lord Sri Krishna from his previous incarnation. Can this donation be made to Guru also? Karakamsa is in the 11th from Lagnamsa and indicates that the native is brave, shall be successful in war and is capable of executing any task. The remedy lies in worshipping Lord Shiva on Mondays and making certain donations as mentioned in the book.

    Because Maha Yogada, Mars, is fulfilling the curse of a brahmin, it is not likely to give its benefic results before the curse is redeemed. Thus redeeming the curse is paramount for the native. It should also be noted that the dispositor of Mars in Rasi is Mercury, who represents Lord Sri Krishna and to whom the native is indebted. The root cause needs to be seen and confirmed from D60, which is beyond my present capabilities. Here is my attempt in your chart referring Atmakaraka and Istadevata.

    Saturn is the Atmakaraka and is lord of the eleventh and twelfth.

    It is placed in the eleventh house, own sign and retrograde. This shows high capacity of accomplishment in what is desired. He will work in a very methodical and organized way to achieve things. He will achieve what he desires but after a lot of. Sani being retrograde AK shows a deep desire as the cause for this incarnation. Saturn being aspect by Sun and Venus, Lords of sixth, third and eight and associated both of them with A7. This shows affliction and impediments to your goals through partners, associates, government authorities, bad communication and relatives. Of course due to Venus feminine side especially females will be involved in all this delays and problems.

    Saturn as AK indicates that the native should not give sorrow to others but should share it from them. Saturn here in Navamsa is also placed in the eleventh house in Virgo clearly showing the connection with Jyotish. Being in the 11th you are brave successful in war and capable of executing any task that you intent. Counting from Saturn to Lagna we got third house so if Mars is strong here Mars is not strong either, He is being afflicted by conjunction of Rahu and aspect from 12th Lord Venus The Istadevata is seen from the twelfth from AK.

    Here we got Mercury in Leo. You always have to be very careful in please your maternal uncles, cousins and relatives in general, being Mercury the Karaka for Them. As I understand the relation between the Ak and Istadevata represents the relation between the Jivatma and Bhagavan or Paramatma.

    Kendra Trikona Raj Yoga- One of the most powerful Yoga

    And the key to avoid the real problems and realize the true goal in life is to improve this relationship as indicated by the planets in chart. Please accept my pranams, I will be sending the rest as soon as possible. Prince Williams chart does not look like the chart of the future heir to the crown of England. It lacks the necessary strength of rajayoga, and is full of malefic yogas.

    The strongest argument for kingship is that GL and HL combine with Atmakaraka in the 10th from ascendant, being dual Saggitarius. That creates 6 mahayogadas, as all of the planets in quadrants aspect the 3 ascendants. But besides this, there are many weaknesses. He has a very powerful Sarpa Yoga, that contains all of the malefic planets. Moon does not offer any assistance, as He is combust and involved in a Shakti yoga, which also destroys the beneficence of the 9th lord Sun. Further 9th lords weak placement here in badhak sthana shows that due to the neglect of his worship in his last life he will suffer greatly, and lack divine support.

    It also may be the case that his father or another elder has cursed him, as Sun goes into Scorpio navamsa. Not only is the 7th house destroyed for marital matters, but more significantly Moon, the life force, even more so as the 8th lord, is destroyed. Sun, representing the physical body is also under serious affliction from the Shakti yoga.

    More over these planets receive aspects from every malefic. As the 10 th lord goes into the 6th house, the only planet maintaining longevity is Jupiter placed moderately strongly in the 11th house. A situation arises, with the Sarpa yoga containing all malefics in quadrants, while the benefics go to the duhstanas and the luminaries get destroyed.

    This bodes ill for his life span, and is a strong rajabhanga as well. AL also has a daridya yoga in the 2nd house with 2 malefics, ketu in the 5th and Jupiter in the 3rd, which is similar to the rising sign in causing rajabhanga. Besides the Sarpa yoga there is a very malefic yoga that arises from Ketu and Mandi being in the ascendant under the aspect of Mars, as well as the other malefics. Since the badhak lord is conjoined the strong 6 th lord in the 6th, Black.

    Magic being used against William is indicated. Due to the planets being a combination of Venus and Mercury in Taurus, a rich business man is shown. As the planets conjoin in A8, and afflict the 3rd, 8th and 10th lord, the goal is to cause the death of the Prince. That he has taken to bad ways already is shown by several of his friends being arrested for drug use, his numerous occassions of passing out from alcohol, despite orders against drinking from his Grandmother the Queen. A11 is in the ascendant, which suffers from Sarpa yoga, showing similarly corrupt close friends.

    He is an accomplished athlete, and is one of the top swimmers in England.

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    Mars in Navamsa ascendant gives him these abilities. His best sunject was English, which supports Mercury rising. His proficiency is also in painting and art, which is shown by the position of Venus with Moon in the 9th. He is also a fan of the cinema and wanted to be an actor. Music is also an interest. He is very skillful with a gun, fond of hunting, and has won shooting competitions.