Analytic number theory in honor of helmut maier 17 birthday

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Narrow progressions in the primes

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Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. Hutchinson, J. Fractals and self-similarity. Indiana Univ. Koblitz, N.. John M. This workshop for Responsible Conduct of … Read more. This forum and roundtable … Read more. You are … Read more. Geometry … Read more.

Math eBooks from Springer, Oct-Dec 2015

Campus Box One Brookings Dr. Louis, MO Contact Us. Cancel Clear text. Search Libraries Toggle submenu John M. Mobile Navigation. University Libraries. Libraries John M. By Ruth Lewis on 23 December in Math. About the author. Related next previous. Olin Library Room This forum and roundtable … Read more. Sun concerning primes and quadratic forms Elsholtz, C. Springer International Publishing , p. Counting primes whose sum of digits is prime Harman, G. Primes whose sum of digits is prime and metric number theory Harman, G. On sums of squares of primes II Harman, G.

Diophantine approximation with multiplicative functions Harman, G. Weyl's theorem in the measure theory of numbers Harman, G.

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Diophantine approximation with mild divisibility constraints Harman, G. On sums of squares of primes Harman, G.

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Cambridge Phil. Primes with pre-assigned digits Harman, G.

Steklov Mathematical Institute

The values of additive forms at prime arguments Harman, G. On the distributional properties of P n Harman, G. On the greatest prime factor of p-1 with effective constants Harman, G. On the number of Carmichael numbers up to x Harman, G. A new mean-value result for Dirichlet L-functions and polynomials Harman, G. The distribution of prime ideals of imaginary quadratic fields Harman, G. The values of ternary quadratic forms at prime arguments Harman, G. Simultaneous Diophantine approximation and asymptotic formulae on manifolds Harman, G.

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