Capricorn horoscope for 17 february 2020


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  4. July 12, - Rx. February 18 is the beginning of Pisces season—a busy time of year for you—and February 19 brings the full moon a super moon! An important conversation comes to a climax and helps you see things from a new perspective. Also during this full moon, Mercury meets Neptune and connects with Saturn, so while there will be an emotionally charged energy in the air, as with any full moon, Mercury and Neptune come together to create an air of empathy and understanding while Saturn lends support and stability.

    On February 22, Mercury squares off with Jupiter—so watch out for some exaggerations—but do take time to sit and listen to your inner voice, because your intuition is going to have lots to tell you. Also, Venus meets Pluto—sexy! Amazing, deep connections are formed, and it's the beginning of something juicy.