Sagittarius love horoscope month

You might feel completely inspired by your partner and your sweetheart will probably become your good luck charm.

This Month

Make a wish! Another fortunate cycle for you in will be the fact that chaotic Uranus will finally leave your true love sector for good on March 6.

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He has been in this area of your chart since March of , bringing plenty of excitement to your love life but not a whole lot of stability. Now you'll enjoy a calmer level of butterflies in your stomach when it comes to love.

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On Thursday, August 1 , the moon in brave Leo trines your ruling planet, Jupiter, which is currently at home in your sign. This lucky energy is intensified on Wednesday, August 7 , when the sun in Leo also trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. Venus the planet of love puts the cherry on the sundae when it also trines Jupiter in Sagittarius on Thursday, August 8.

Sometimes you seem to have superpowers, as opportunities simply fall in your lap. Expect even more fortuitous energy than usual during the first week of this month. Sunday, August 11 is a day to circle in your calendar.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes direct. During its retrograde over the past four months, you've been taking inventory over what changes are needed to get what you want out of life. In particular, your innate desire for freedom is at odds with your desire for a serious relationship that meets your sexual needs.

Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

On this same day, Uranus, the "great awakener," goes retrograde, revealing hard truths. It's time to ask yourself a few hard things. Are you making compromises you know you won't be able to fulfill? Or conversely, are you using your adventurous spirit as a get-out-of-jail-free card to avoid necessary commitment? Now is the time to get real and express your needs. Saturn helps you materialize slowly but surely certain ideas, projects that have to do with your own personal and professional development.

In November and December , it is time to ripe the fruits of your hard work, to enjoy your financial earnings and to receive a salary raise. In business matters, Saturn will bring unstable luck in the last part of Unexpected opportunities may occur, but you must approach them without haste.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Regarding investments, also search abroad, you will not regret. Gambling may turn out to be lucky during this period. Financially, in December , things are going smoothly, until the winter holidays. You have a good income, your work is satisfactorily paid and additional benefits will start to appear through partners life, business , parents or simply luck.

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Certain health issues might occur towards the end of Emotionally, you will be in a positive loop. There will be changes in the way you manifest your personality and your self-image. The way you dress and your behavior will slightly turn to another style — related, maybe, to the season change. The Sagittarius sign governs the lower limbs, especially thighs, arteries, and blood.

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Long-term overexertion can cause a physical and mental breakdown, leading, in time, to the aggravation of the neurotic affections. Having a nervous-bilious temperament, you might be overzealous when it comes to food and alcohol consumption. It is advisable to learn to be moderate and to taste with measure the delights of life. For the Sagittarius woman, the weight excess is limited to the thighs, hips, and buttocks areas, where is difficult to eliminate.

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Having an optimistic nature, the Sagittarius woman expects a smooth and trouble-free weight loss process. In order to be successful in her attempt to lose weight, you must learn how to stop being impatient and to adapt to rules. Your lack of organizational sense and impatience are two obstacles that can prevent them from sticking to a diet plan all the way through. The Sagittarius man loves food and has difficulties in removing fats, sugar, and alcohol from his diet.

Welcome to Virgo season, dear centaur!

Moreover, he tends to assume unnecessary risks, which include his health.