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June 18 A fighter. A big ego. The social butterfly. January not too intellectual, misjudgements possible wrong loyal wrong business-minded wrong longs for material success wrong ambitious correct a striver correct hardheaded, tough and often aggressive correct dislikes weakness correct work comes first wrong often rather naive wrong Swing and a miss. This sounds nothing like me and was very inaccurate. I don't believe in this stuff so I wonder why I even came in here expecting something to be spot on.

May pleasure-seeking YES! Food and Sex make me happy. Now, I collect cute handbags. Folks always want to know were i get my ish and my skincare routine. I'm quite awesome. Ppl irk me sometimes if start praising me too much and ish. Forceful and often compulsive. Argumentative and fretful. Cannot decide. Too much into perfection. Aug 9, My Sept Bday results: Keeps an eye on trends. I spend hours and hours looking at hot shit Creative.

Very Gorgeous. Why, Thank YOU!!!! Cannot open up emotionally. Unfortunately Self-expressive. Dead on.

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Aug 12, Jan Jan18 Needs a secure environment. Fixed habits. Very private. Easily misunderstood. Fears rejection. Demanding and controlling. Can be very successful in professional life but less so intimately. Loves children. Needs a serious partner. Needs excitement. Cautious emotionally. January intellectual suspicious ambitious; needs prestige pays attention to dressing code self-confident very physical eccentric a hard worker self-contained moody wild outbursts of temper possible and almost demonic in the worst cases needs a hard-working lover youthful and tumultuous.

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My decanate only halfway describes me. Half of the description was inaccurate or very inaccurate, perhaps because I'm cusp of Libra.

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I've bolded the accurate traits: October closed, reserved and reticent has lots of relationships very inaccurate - I'm not flighty with relationships intense and possessive jealous friendly shy, so I wouldn't call myself a friendly person can be very venomous when under attack I'm very conflict-averse very demanding I'm a low-maintenance woman extremely discriminating polarized personality traits I'm a laid-back, low-maintenance person seductive but destructive! I have my seductive moments; not destructive does not accept excuses does not forgive destructive conflicts again, I'm very conflict-averse sharp analyzer has few friends I'm very selective about my relationships sense of humor a teaser I'm not the casual-flirt type; flightiness isn't my thing will find your weak spot and make use of it I'm not manipulative like that.

Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 28, I'm a Leo and that was dead on for me kind of scary. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. Most Liked Most Commented. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. Jessica gives a spiritual pep talk for these harrowing times, gets into the upcoming Eclipse Season, and of course, gives you all you need to know about the astrology of the week ahead.

The Full Moon will be a doozy — but a great opportunity for growth and change. Get into your feelings, lovers. Register and join from anywhere in the world for Jessica's first live webinar, Cultivating Emotional Intelligence with Astrology.

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It's on June 23, at 3pmPDT, but no need to attend live - you'll get a copy of the class to keep! If you don't have the resources, please spend some time on their website, educating yourself and spreading the word about their important work. This week a listener wrote in with lots of anxiety about the fate of the world. Because some of Jessica's horoscopes predicted much of this political madness and hate, she asked: Are we headed for a downturn? Is there any hope? In the horoscope segment, it's reality check time. Jessica dives into personal responsibility and how it can help you sleep at night — all in this, the 50th episode of Ghost of a Podcast!

Use this link: reshvoicesinastrology. This week we have an update from Queen Kitty see episode 47 and of course another A for a listener's Q! This week Jessica helps a woman going through her Uranus opposition with perspective on her career and spiritual blocks. There's a New Moon on June 3rd and it comes with great potential — it's on you to leverage it. Register for Jessica's first live webinar on using astrology as a tool for cultivating emotional intelligence. How do you say no to things that feel really good, even when you know that they're bad for you?

This week's horoscope explores the potential of art as resistance, and gives you tools that help you to keep showing up. The ACLU are on the frontlines of the legal battle for reproductive freedom. Donate to them at the aclu. A listener wrote in saying "My cat and I have been in a three week fight and it's escalating! Your horoscope this week is short, to the point, and just what you need. This week a listener wrote in to ask for help with her teenage daughter, who she's afraid that she'll never learn to like.

In the horoscope corner, Jessica talks about current events, the week's transits, and some Full Moon in Scorpio boundaries. Get ready for some solid advice all the way through.

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A listener called in because she's having a hard time moving past behaviors that she knows aren't working for her. Your horoscope from May 5thth is busy but full of potential! Track the planets and leverage the energy wisely. Love Ghost of a Podcast? Sure you do! A newly single listener wrote in wondering how to have safer sex — not just physically, but energetically and emotionally, too.

This week's horoscope is full! Mercury will be making its rounds through the planets, and there is a New Moon in Taurus that will force the question: who or what are you loyal to? This week Jessica answers a question about Sun sign compatibility; who can be your bestie, your beloved, and your business partner? Come see Jessica live in Montreal on April 27th - go to lovelanyadoo. A listener wrote in to ask about how she and her triplet sisters could have the same birth chart and yet be so different. Jessica called her, and half the family jumped in on the call!

They talk about health, life after a baby, and how allowing your loved ones to take care of you can be an act of kindness. Get ready for the second Full Moon in Libra of and a horoscope that challenges you to love yourself enough to change, even when nothing is pressing you to do so. Jessica has rounded up a bunch of listener questions this week!

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She explores whether cusps are real, to queering astrology for parents, in this special episode. There's a lot going on this week so use the horoscope to help you to gain perspective, and to pace yourself through the highs and lows of the upcoming transits. A listener wrote in for help processing the emotional fallout of her abortion.

Jessica advises. This week's horoscope explains why you've been feeling so anxious, and gives you good advice for the New Moon in Aries on the 5th. Don't miss Jessica explain the implications of Uranus' long and powerful transit through sensual Taurus. Support a woman's right to choose with one time or ongoing donations: The ACLU works every day to stop attacks on reproductive freedom. What do you do when you see evidence of trauma or turmoil in your child's birth chart?

A listener wrote in with concerns about her relationship with her daughter and her desire to avoid the mistakes her own mother made. How do you nurture 12th house planets in the life of a loved one? It's the changing of the seasons, and Mercury is finally going direct. Learn all about it in this week's horoscope corner of Ghost of a Podcast. What do you do when you feel like an alien, and you're not sure where you're going?

A listener wrote in to ask about life after the Saturn Return. Join Jessica as she talks about the transits of the week ahead. Breaking up is hard to do. A listener wrote in to ask how a sensitive person can do what she knows will hurt others, and Lanyadoo has answers. This week's horoscope unpacks this month's Mercury Retrograde, and the personal as well as the societal potential that it yields. Plus, get ready to charge your crystals - it's a New Moon this week in mystical Pisces!

New episodes drop every Monday! In the third and final part of An Evening of Mediumship, Jessica delivers more messages from loved ones who've passed on — including one from an animal friend! In the horoscope this week, Jessica explores moods and the Moon, just in time for the Full Moon in Virgo. She also breaks down the conjunction, what it means, and how it plays into the astrology of the week. Download Tiny Spark to your iOS device. Part 2 of An Evening of Mediumship, where Jessica delivered messages from loved ones who've passed on.

Get ready for a Valentine's Day rant and your horoscope in the astrology corner, of this very tender episode. At a live evening of mediumship in San Francisco, Jessica delivered messages from loved ones who've passed on. In this week's GOAP you can hear some of those readings.

This week's horoscope comes with lots of sextiles - find out what it means, and align yourself with the potential of the New Moon in Aquarius. A listener asks how to know when pushing yourself to be more forgiving is good versus when you're expecting too much from yourself.

From a Saturn sextile to Neptune to a Mars conjunction to Pluto, Jessica's got you covered with this week's horoscope! This week Jessica answers six different listener questions, and touches on love, astrology, and hard times. A listener wrote in to ask if her powerful connection with her ex might be a Twin Flame. This week's horoscope brings up compulsion, heavy thinking, and potential for major breakthroughs! Leverage the planetary weather forecast for living your best life. It's Jessica's birthday! In this episode she talks about aging, having a face, and the value of fear.

In the horoscope corner, Lanyadoo does a little Uranus in Aries check in and offers you tools for this week's somewhat bumpy astrological ride.


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Want to give Jessica a birthday present? This episode starts with Lanyadoo offering some practical tips for creating resolutions that actually work. This week's horoscope includes the astrology for the transition from to ! Lanyadoo reads your astro-forecast, including the emo Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th.

What Does This New Moon in Cancer Mean?

A listener wrote in at a loss with how to deal with her family, and Lanyadoo gives her advice to help her cope. This week's horoscope reminds us that we're all connected. Share your answers Jessica on social when you do! Feeling distressed and in need of help? A listener's mom passed away less than six months ago, and she isn't sure how to cope.

Lanyadoo shares her gifts as a Medium in this special episode. In the astrology corner, it's time to unpack this week's horoscope, including a full moon ritual to help you bring closure to They are on the ground with the refugee caravan in Tijuana and have set up this fund to support the brave asylum-seekers, and are coordinating with organizations on the ground who are providing resources to address the most pressing needs.

A listener is having a hard time with relationship stress during the holidays.

Lanyadoo gives practical advice for staying present when you'd rather bolt. This week's Lanyadoo focuses on Jupiter in Sagittarius, and how to use astrology wisely. Please support Families Belong Together. They are on the ground with the refugee caravan in Tijuana. Lanyadoo offers helpful tips and birth chart advice for coping with sleep problems. In the astrology corner Lanyadoo explores fear of success, and how to cope with it.

Use this week's horoscope to help you light up your life and glow up. A listener asks: "How can I honor my intuition without sacrificing the awesome and sometimes scary opportunities that life affords? Get a rundown on your week ahead in this week's horoscope. Come for the reliably solid advice; stay for the love and strategies. Support their work for human rights, environmental health, treaties, and food sovereignty.

Please consider donating to IITC the International Indian Treaty Council to support their work for human rights, environmental health, treaties, and food sovereignty. What should you believe in, and how can you know what's right, when things feel wrong? A listener reaches out to Lanyadoo with some tender questions about love and fear of getting hurt. In the astrology corner of the podcast, Lanyadoo explores the Venus Retrograde, gender, spirituality, and ex's. This week's horoscope marks a shifting of tides. A listener wrote in this week on the verge of shutting down and giving up.

Lanyadoo looks at her chart and gives practical advice to help her make it through.

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  6. This week's horoscope delves into some uncomfortable territory that you'll be all the better for exploring. Lanyadoo gives Heather Matarazzo an astrology reading and checks in with a lost loved one. Then it's horoscope time again. Come for the pep-talk, stay for the practical advice that astrology yields.

    Lanyadoo answers a handful of listener questions about how astrology works. Stick around for your full moon horoscope to help you make the most of the week ahead. For more magic go to www. Lanyadoo is joined by a special pre-teen guest to talk about spirituality and astrology, while noshing on chocolate chip cookies.

    Should you stay in a relationship after your trust has been broken? For more magic go to lovelanyadoo. Everything you want to know about Venus Retrograde: what it means, how to make use of it, and what to avoid. This episode explores values, money, love, sensuality, self esteem, and current events. Learn astrology, and you basically learn you. Just in time for Venus Retrograde, a listener asks Lanyadoo a loaded question about money, and then at just past the 10 minute mark, it's time for this week's horoscope.